Meet Boh...

Boh is best described as a being made of energy, intense happiness, and pure vibes. Wherever Boh goes, sound is sure to follow; and typically love takes up permanent residence. Boh is aggressively positive.

Boh is a traveler [a time tripper], on a journey through eternity, yet Boh’s vibe never leaves your side. From land to land, and life to life; each one a dance, a step towards inner light.

Boh is the key…
The illest Katillest…

The embodiment of enlightenment, bearer of peace, and sharer of love. The instrument of transformation and corrector of the vibes; filtering negativity from life.

Boh is that piece of true you…the one you never fully understood how to express (or were even aware existed) but have been dying to set free.

Boh is creativity and diversity…yet unity among all.

And that is why they; yup, them over there…they try to suppress Boh. They keep Boh hidden from society with their negativity and lies! They fear the growth of Boh’s good vibes.

But Boh, Boh knows, and Boh grows anyway.

Boh gets to the point! Boh turns up the beat! Because, why turn down?

Boh wears only the smiliest unfrown. Boh dances and rhymes, and makes music all the time…making you dance when you didn’t even know you wanted to!! Boh turns up everything around, because turning down is the first step on the road to mental death and non-existence.

Boh turns up the now…to create a better later.

Boh is the moment it occupies; and encourages shared occupancy of a single boh by sharing light, love, and happiness through the universe.

Boh knows that life is a dance, and learns to move with each new beat, evolving and growing with the rhythm…a B.BOH, if you will…expanding capacity for inner love and light with feelings of gratitude (even for the hard learned lessons).

Boh is an agent of speedy change…a Katillest…screaming #bohthat with two lightas in the air (#twolightacrew), spreading high energy and good vibes, always showing support for the true Keepers of Sound (no matter what).

Boh is a souljah…a junglist souljah, protecting the fram from corruption and evil.

Boh wins every time, by correcting the vibe.
All dayin’ it with the “Boh Boh Boh!” while travelin’ time.