B.Boh is an explorative narrative of infinite possibility, contributing to the core of the #AggressivelyPositive movement already set in motion by a larger Collective Consciousness of Creativity.

Boh is the main character in a series of stories intended to counteract the negative influences and role models currently suggested to the masses via popular media forces; making positive emotion and enlightened thought universally exciting again.

Along with Boh, a multitude of additional characters, representing archetypal roles in modern society, will be used to market positivity via a change in the approach to basic social interaction – focusing on dialogue and communication through a narrative built upon relatable situations and events.

All who engage with this narrative openly should be able to relate with every character at some point during the timeline – successfully gaining insight about themselves and their own daily interactions.

Beginning with a series of coloring books and comic books, B.BOH strives to help you #ShowYourBoh and #CorrectTheVibe, by addressing issues and solving problems with an ever-growing community of constructive creatives who foresee an exciting future.


Main Characters


Name: B.Boh

Tagline: Aggressively Positive

I am Boh. I am a NY Junglist. I am a souljah. I am everyone’s biggest fan. I am aggressively positive. I correct the vibe. I love Karma. I live in an attitude of gratitude. I am a beautiful soul. I am a leader. I show my boh. I boh that. I am the 2 lighta crew. I pass the lighta onto the next generation; inspiring the new lighta 2 lighta crew. I believe that music heals the soul. I understand that magic attracts magic. I found my way home through jungle, it is my heartbeat. I dance to celebrate life. My energy is infectious. I get to the point. I see in a different dimension. I am a healer. I occupy the moment, turning up the now to create a better later. I am everywhere. I am in everything. I live in everyone. I love today, everyday. I love you, everyday. I encourage you to love yourself, and your world, everyday as well. Spread the word…word is Boh!


Name: Sketch

Tagline: He’s Questionable

I am Sketch. I am questionable. I am a hater. I create conflict. I am aggressively argumentative. I kill the vibe. I love drama. I live in a loop of loneliness. I am a tortured soul. I am an opportunist. I show my mask. I talk that smack. I am the too removed crew. I am shady business; I think I run the show but I don’t trust anyone because I pretend I’m something I’m not and use others for my benefit. I believe that music is entertainment. I understand that charisma attracts attention. I am seeking the perfect beat, but destroying it in the meantime – stealing the sound and amplifying it. I keep looking for answers in all the wrong places. I am inflated ego. My exclamation is usually bigger than the point. I see only one perspective. I am a taker. I massacre the moment. I create tension pretty much everywhere. I lie about almost everything. I feed off of practically everyone. I am prone to daily mood swings. I love you today; I hate you tomorrow. I can be mentally abusive, demanding your respect even when I disrespect you. I am often misinformed, and I spread the word…word is Sketch.


Name: Braaap

Tagline: Activate Proactive Reaction

I am Braap. I am an oldskool Junglist with Reggae roots. I am a general. I get others excited. I am progressively rebellious. I set emotion in motion. I activate proactive reaction. I live by the laws of nature; the laws of paper are just that, paper. I am a unique soul. I am a motivator. I get it started. I show my respect. I am the original gun salute crew. I think it’s highly important to teach the next generation how to engage each other properly, and respect each other accordingly.  I believe that music moves people. I understand that knowledge sparks revolution.  Before my soul became my console, I was dull and weary, looking for something and finding nothing. It wasn’t until I was looking for nothing, that I found everything. My actions are inspiring. Sometimes my point is bigger than the exclamation. I think on a higher plane. I am a teacher. I seize the moment. I see everywhere. I hear everything. I embrace everyone. I begin a new life every day. I learn from new people every day. I encourage you to learn something new, from someone new, everyday as well.  Seek knowledge; everyone knows more about something than you do.


Name: GQ (Good Question)

Tagline: Undercover Awesome

I am GQ. I am a good question. I do some sketchy things, but… I am undercover awesome. I am aggressively social. I excite the crowd. I love laughter. I live with a ‘why not’ attitude. I am a caring soul. I am a protector. I show my emotions. I get it awkwardly comical. I am the too confusing crew. I’ve got a good heart in a rough shell; I may not be perfect but I’ll do anything I can to help my family and friends. I believe that music should be played extremely loud and as hard as possible. I am rock and roll, it makes my blood flow. I answer questions with questions. I’m not always listening to others because I’m pre-planning my response. My energy is overwhelming. I circle around the point. I am prone to overthinking. I am a good time. I utilize the moment, and I don’t always think before I act. I will go anywhere. I will do anything. I will talk to anyone. I get frustrated and short tempered some days. I try to make you laugh and smile as much as possible, everyday. I encourage you to make other’s laugh and smile every day as well. Enjoy life, and don’t take everything too seriously.


Name: Badge

Tagline: Watch Yourself

I am Badge.  I am good cop/bad cop.  I am an officer.  I question everyone’s intentions.  I am aggressively powerful.  I regulate the vibe. I love authority.  I live in a state of suspicion.  I am a conflicted soul.  I am a pawn.  I show my badge.  I watch that.  I am the 2-sided crew.  I believe there are some issues that need to be addressed, and problems which require further investigation, in order to inspire recognition of basic life principles in the next generation.  I believe that music indicates character.  I understand that trouble attracts trouble.  I find solace in classical music, it is my peace; melting away my stress with melody.  I often doubt my own judgment – conflicted by my actions and reactions.  My energy is hard to say.  I question the point.  I see your actions.  I am a team player.  I monitor the moment.  I move everywhere.  I listen to everything.  I interrogate everyone.  I keep today in check, everyday.  I watch out for you, everyday.  I suggest that you watch yourself every day as well.  Spread the word…badge is watching y’all.


Additional Characters

Name: The Kat.illest

Tagline: Tune in; and put your thinking caps on.

I am The Kat.illest (the illest Kat.illest). I am an agent of speedy change. I am a journalist. I tune everyone in. I am aggressively informative. I know that sometimes the vibe will correct us. I love most people. I live in the neutral zone. No drama ALOUD! I am an insightful soul. I am ridiculously productive. I show my logic. I get it. I am the too influential crew. I highlight crucial elevated information for the next generation. If you don’t know the rules of engagement, you can’t engage with society. I believe in constructive criticism and intentional dialogue. I understand that media attracts movement, and I believe there is only so much you can capture through an artificial lens. I know that music and art can spread the word. I think you should believe others when they show you who they are. If you know what to expect from someone, they can never let you down. My energy is powerful. I alter the general point of view. I see a better future. I am a role model. I activate the moment. I travel everywhere. I am interested in everything. I inspire everyone. I love myself, everyday. I bring you The I Love Today Show, everyday. I encourage you to tune in, and put your thinking caps on, everyday as well. Knowledge is power; gain as much as you can, spread as much as you know.