1. Where does the word “Boh” come from?

“Boh” is a term used in the jungle/drum and bass community. Derived from the reggae scene, it is a tribute to the gun salute…which is an audible symbol of respect.  Here at B.BOH, we use the term as a reference to all things good.

  1. What is a junglist?

A “junglist” is a person in the jungle/drum and bass music scene. Jungle is a form of electronic music which is derived from the sounds of reggae, hip-hop, and other forms of electronic music.  Originally referred to as “jungle”, the now broader genre is coined “drum and bass”, with jungle being a more specific sub-genrelized sound.  The junglist is usually one who can be associated with a deep respect for life, a spreader of good vibes, and one who is on an elevated thought platform.  Most junglists have a knowledge base of a wide variety of musical genres, and can appreciate many forms of sound.

  1. How does one “show their boh”?

We’re encouraging you to Show Your Boh!  This is an aggressively positivemovement; which means we can’t spread the word without you!  The Show Your Boh campaign allows the masses to get involved.  You may want to make an example of actions or words that are negative or problematic in society too.  Don’t worry, there’s a character voice to speak in no matter what your point…however, be sure to find out what each of them stands for before assuming their identity.  Here’s how to use #showyourboh properly:

  • Make a statement or post a photo
  • Choose your character voice, and hashtag it

Hashtag #ShowYourBoh