Samurai Boh

The code of the samurai stands in the highest of regard, and Samurai Boh dedicates his life of service to the True Keepers of Sound.

• The samurai must practice rectitude or justice
• The samurai must remain courageous 
• The samurai must show benevolence or mercy 
• The samurai must embody politeness
• The samurai must prove honest and sincere 
• The samurai must be honorable
• The samurai must show loyalty
• The samurai must retain character and self control

In order to best serve the Keepers of Sound, Samurai Boh must be able to break records in revolution…his reaction time to any and every threat to true sound, impeccable. He must listen with a conscious ear, and claim justice only where it is due. He remains courageous through all battles, and is sincere and honest with himself and others. He honors those to whom honor is due, and is loyal to his mission. With self-control, he shows his character as the ultimate protector.